Club Rental

 Details of Rental Total Amount
 Rental of Clubhouse and facilities - members
 Rental of Clubhouse and facilities - non-members

 Draping (optional) R250.00 
 Cleaning  Fee - (unless clubhouse cleaned by client)R250.00 
 Barman (compulsory/depending on function)R300.00 
 Refundable deposit
 Flood Light Cards (optional)     R40.00/ hour
 Car Guard/ Car Park Security                                             R300.00

Terms and Conditions
1. Clubhouse -  any breakage will be charged out if value exceeds R600 (refundable deposit)
2. No alcohol will be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years old.
3. No alcohol or soft drinks to be brought on to the premises by client or guests.
4. All catering plus cutlery and crockery to be organised by client.
5. No crockery/cutlery etc to be used from TVTC
6. TVTC can supply 5 round tables + 50 assorted chairs for the evening if required. 
7. Client to supply own extra tables/chairs/table cloths etc.
8. We request that guests smoke outside on the veranda rather than in the clubhouse
9. No event will be allowed to continue without Confirmation of Payment. 
10. TVTC accepts no  responsibility for damage/loss of property or any injury whilst the Club is in use.

Please note that the abovementioned Terms and Conditions serve as guidelines to the guests that utilize the clubhouse and its facilities, so as to avoid misuse and abuse of the facility.